Creative ways to spend a snow day

July 28, 2015

It can be difficult to keep your children occupied on a snow day. Here are some fun ideas that will have them entertained all day.

Creative ways to spend a snow day

How to build a snowman

A snowman is a satisfying seasonal sculpture. If a good dumping of sticky snow falls, grab the chance to make one when you can.

  1. Begin by making a large snowball in your hands. Place it on the ground and roll it so that it gathers more snow. Change the orientation of the ball frequently so that the ball remains spherical rather than barrel-shaped. Make three balls, of decreasing sizes, in this way.
  2. Flatten the top of your largest ball to form a stable base. Place the second ball on top, taking care that it doesn't crumble. The head, being smaller, is easier to place.
  3. Decorate the snowman; be creative! The main thing is to ensure that your snowman (or snow-woman) has charm and character.

A classic snowman consists primarily of three balls of snow sitting on top of each other. You can make a shorter, more rotund snowman out of two balls.

Create a children's dress-up box

Children love to get in costume and act out their fantasies. Delight them by creating a dressing-up box or wardrobe, and see how they play.

  • There's no need to splurge on special costumes; it's more fun to mix and match.
  • Start by bringing together old family hand-me-downs or charity shop finds, cleaned or laundered.
  • Hats, a velvet muff, a silk kimono, a bridal veil, a poncho… anything to fuel a child's imagination. Add accessories such as handbags, wigs, a parasol, sunglasses, feather boa, baubles, bangles and beads.

Some easy costume ideas

Get the kids to help you to improvise more costumes for their burgeoning wardrobe.

  • For a wicked witch, you might adapt a dark dress with a ragged net skirt underneath — and add a toy black cat for her "familiar."
  • For a swashbuckling pirate, bring together cut-off jeans, a striped top, a bandana and an eye-patch.
  • For a fairy princess, adorn a pink leotard with silk or tissue-paper flowers, then add a net skirt, white tights and a tiara. To make gossamer wings, use fine-gauge aluminium wire for the frame, and cover with the cut-off legs from a pair of pantyhose. Tie with ribbons, so that the wings can be worn backpack fashion.
  • A pointy hat for a wizard? Roll a newspaper into a cone, hold it together with tape and roll up the bottom edge until it's a snug fit for a small head.
  • A silk nightdress, a tiara and strings of fake pearls is all that a princess needs.

Liven up your child's snow day with these simple ideas. You'll be surprised by how much they enjoy themselves!

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