Cut your utility costs year-round with an awning

December 29, 2014

Did you know that awnings can actually help decrease utility costs and can help save hundreds of dollars per year on utility bills. Here's how.

Cut your utility costs year-round with an awning

Before blinds and tinted glass were developed, awnings were used to provide shade and shelter. The large window dressing also helps home and businesses owners to be energy efficient and financially savvy. Awnings actually help decrease utility costs and can help save hundreds of dollars per year on utility bills.

How awnings decrease utility costs

Did you know that awnings have been around since ancient Egypt? Back then, woven mats were attached to buildings to keep the relentless rays of Egyptian sun from choking the cool out of various establishments. Eventually, the sloped version made its way to 19th-century windows, setting a long-standing trend for years to come. However, that was an age before electric and gas companies sent monthly bills for necessary services that can sometimes break the bank.


By blocking out some of the heat from the sun with an awning, air conditioners can run less frequently, and that gives the cost of electricity a nice break. So, while you're sitting under that propped-up awning sipping lemonade in the shade, you're also saving money.


When winter hits, awnings serve another defensive purpose: they help prevent damaging snow buildup from ruining surfaces and help keep you from shelling out time or money for snow removal. However, during cold weather, drawing back retractable awnings allows the sun to shine in. Snow often reflects sunlight, allowing it to stream into windows and provide a natural heat source.

Cost savings

In cooler climates, utility costs matter because the cold can be brutal and the heat can be excessive. Awnings are making a comeback as an effective cost-saving method to deflect heat during the summer and permit heat during the winter. So, if you spend a few hundred dollars on having an awning installed, but save $30 every month on utilities, that means you save $360 a year on utility costs.

The next time you see an awning and think of it as a throwback piece of window dressing, you may want to think again. There are various styles and types of awnings that can add tremendous value to homes and businesses. When you're looking for a way to give a space a little character and keep utility costs down, you may want to keep awning installation in your sights.

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