Don't give up on dancing if you have arthritis

Don't give up on dancing if you have arthritis

If you have a diagnosis of arthritis, you might be tempted to stay home and "suffer" with pain. If you love to dance, don't give up on it just yet because dancing keeps both your body and mind active.

Don't give up on dancing if you have arthritis

How it works

Dancing can be an excellent exercise for those with arthritis. Don't be a wallflower when you can learn modified steps for Zumba, hip hop, and even belly dancing. Dancing works wonders for those with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Using modified steps, you can improve your balance, cardiovascular health, and coordination.

Once you've decided to take the steps to a happy, healthier you, make sure to consult with your doctor and dance instructor. Your doctor will be able to advise you on how much fun you can have before overdoing it. The dance instructor can modify your lessons specifically for you. If you'd rather dance solo to your own beat, meet with a physical therapist first, so that they may recommend moves that won't be harmful to you.


If you're looking for a place to start, Zumba has become incredibly popular among the health conscious. The music is upbeat and fast and Zumba offers a Gold class specifically for individuals with physical limitations.

Hip hop and Bollywood

Hip hop is another lively, fast dance step, but modify the fast, high-impact steps to match your abilities. Bollywood steps are also high-impact and danced to fast-tempo music.

Belly dancing

For the more adventurous, there are exotic styles of dance that are actually very beneficial. Belly dancing is a slower, and more rhythmic dance. This particular style is great because the movements are done with both feet flat on the floor. Belly dancing also helps to increase your range of motion.

Pole dancing

If you're quite adventurous and physically active, pole dancing is a great way to build your muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility. In pole dancing you need a good deal of upper body strength.

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