Danger: don’t play with electricity and call an electrician

December 5, 2013

Quick quiz: did you know that overhead lights shouldn’t have pull chains? No? Maybe you’d better contact an electrician for that repair job.

Danger: don’t play with electricity and call an electrician

Calling in an expert is critical when it’s time to tackle a job that involves electricity. There are just too many things that can go wrong, and there are plenty of building codes that need to be followed. A certified electrician will know exactly how to repair any sort of electrical system in a safe, secure manner.

Electrical jobs should be left to the experts

We all know that electricity can be dangerous, with risks of wiring overload or electrification. An electrocution can even kill.

  • That's why it's always advisable to entrust the inspection, renovation, or installation of an electrical system to an electrician who has the right skills and experience.

Versatile professionals

Electricians are versatile professionals who work in many different sectors.

1. Residential

Electricians bring their expertise to new construction projects or renovations. Involved right at the beginning of these projects, they're able to suggest practical solutions for interior and exterior lighting systems, heating devices and electrical systems.

  • If you're remodelling your kitchen, building an addition onto your home, or wanting to install a new electrical system in one of your rooms, be sure to call in a professional electrician.
  • You can also entrust him or her with the job of increasing the capacity of your electrical panel or completely replacing it.

Electricians also have the training to install electrical or convection heating devices, and can carry out the necessary electrical work for the installation of a spa or a garden shed. They can also do inspections for insurance purposes or for a purchase offer on a property.

2. Industrial

In the industrial domain, electricians are able to work with technical equipment and can design and build control panels. They can deliver on complex electrical projects that require professional expertise.

3. Commercial

For lots of visibility, businesses uses illuminated signage. Installing lighting panels, interior and exterior lighting systems, electrical distribution panels, and generators are just a few examples of an electrician’s important contribution to commercial enterprises.

Comprehensive service

Some electricians are also distributors for electrical appliances such as light fixtures, pumps, electric motors, and generators. Most contractors offer 24-hour emergency service, seven days a week. That’s a great thing to know if a problem arises.

For all your needs in lighting and heating, or to get expert advice about anything to do with electricity, don’t hesitate to consult a qualified electrician. It’s the best way to get that all-important project done in no time at all.

*Not only is it dangerous, it may even be illegal in some provinces, such as Québec, to do your own electrical wiring. The solution: consider hiring a master electrician.

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