Install a new toilet in 6 easy steps

November 6, 2014

Installing a new toilet is a simple way to update your bathroom and is easier than you might expect. Say goodbye to your old toilet and hello to a new one by following these steps.

Install a new toilet in 6 easy steps

1. Assemble your tools

Replacing a toilet can take as little as an hour, especially if all necessary supplies are available. Before you begin, make sure you have gloves, an empty bucket and sponge, a large trash bag, cloth rag, caulk and basic tools, such as a wrench, putty knife and hacksaw. You'll also need the new toilet and a new wax ring, rubber gasket and hardware.

2. Remove the old toilet

Turn off the water supply located on the wall behind the toilet. With the water off, flush the toilet to drain the tank. Remove any water that remains in the bowl by scooping it into a bucket with a cup or sponge. Next, disconnect the water supply from the tank and remove the nuts from the closet bolts that connect the base of the toilet to the floor. At this point, you should be able to lift the entire toilet away from the floor. Place the old toilet inside a large garbage bag to contain drips and germs. Then, discard.

3. Prepare the drain location

With the old toilet gone, it's time to prepare the site for a new toilet. Stuff a cloth just inside the top of the drain opening to help prevent sewer gases from escaping and minimize the risk of dropping tools down the drain. Next, use a putty knife to remove the wax ring surrounding the drain. The ring is generally very soft and will likely need to be scraped away in pieces. Below the wax ring is a metal circle known as the closet flange. The flange normally doesn't need to be replaced, but if it looks damaged, purchase a new one before proceeding.

4. Attach the new toilet

To install the toilet, place bolts in the closet flange and remove the rag from drain. Next, press a new wax ring onto the outlet located on the bottom of the toilet bowl, then lower the bowl onto the drain site and press it firmly into place. The bowl can now be attached to the floor by tightening the washers and nuts on the closet bolts. For best results, alternate sides while tightening. Cover bolts with plastic caps. Trim them with a hacksaw if they're too high.

5. Add the tank

Place the tank upside down and slip the rubber gasket and bolts in place. Carefully flip the tank and lower it onto the bowl. Secure it in place by tightening the nuts onto bolts. Alternate sides as before and check part-way through to make sure the tank is level.

6. Finish up

Reconnect the water supply, turn it on and watch for leaks. Flush the toilet a few times and watch for evidence of escaping water. Complete the project by caulking around the toilet base.

Although replacing a toilet can seem intimidating, it's actually a relatively easy task that can update the look and feel of your bathroom.

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