The benefits of dental implants

December 4, 2013

Are you too embarrassed to laugh out loud because of a gap in your smile? Dental implants are comfortable, look natural, and let you feel confident again.

If you are missing a tooth or would love to permanently fix the discoloured tooth you had repaired a long time ago, dental implants are an attractive solution. They not only preserve the health of your jaw, they can help you preserve your self-esteem too.

The benefits of dental implants

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, made of titanium metal, which is affixed to the jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth. The metal root becomes the base for the attachment of a custom-designed replacement tooth. Whether you are missing one or several teeth, dental implants give your mouth a natural look, while helping to preserve your jaw’s bone mass.

How are dental implants put in?

  • To begin with, the dentist will examine the health of your mouth, take x-rays of your head, jaws, and teeth, and assess whether or not you are a good candidate for dental implants.
  • If you prove to be a good candidate, the dentist will insert a dental implant into the jawbone, where the tooth is missing. While the tissue heals, generally over a three to six month period, the implant bonds to the bone and attaches to the gum; this process is called osseointegration.
  • The next stage consists of attaching an abutment to the implant, which is a post that connects the replacement tooth to the implant.
  • An artificial replacement tooth is made and the specialist attaches it to the abutment. When several teeth are missing, a fixed bridge may also be anchored to your dental implant in order to cover the entire toothless area. The bridge will be held firmly in place bythe natural teeth located on either side of the missing teeth.

A custom treatment

The entire procedure may require several visits to your dentist or dental specialist, who will support you closely throughout the entire process. In fact, he or she will schedule regular follow-up visits throughout the year following the procedure, to ensure the good performance of your dental implants and to provide you with maximum comfort.

An effective solution

With numerous technological advances in the field of dentistry, these days an increasing number of patients are opting for this type of treatment. The reason for it is quite simple: dental implants are an effective solution that provides superior stability and reliability. A smile with a new look—now there’s something that’s hard to refuse!

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