Discover all that Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal has to offer

by Élyse Gamache-Bélisle

Only have one day to spend on the Plateau? For starters, you'll have to come to terms with the idea that you can't see everything. You'll have to make choices that are, frankly, heart-breaking. And believe me, the many suggestions here aren't going to make that task any easier.

Discover all that Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal has to offer

A good start!

To kick off the day, how about a little outdoor activity? Summer or winter, there's no lack of opportunity to get moving on the Mont-Royal. Whether you want to walk up a hill, go cross country skiing, or try figure skating, there's something for you! Although, if you're in a hurry, I'd recommend that you at least take the main trail to the Kondiaronk lookout next to the Chalet Mont-Royal, where you can take in impressive views of the city centre.

Go shopping

You can't very well come back from the Plateau without some trendy clothes that are sure to make your friends jealous. Rudsak, a leader in leather fashion, has a shop front on Mount Royal Avenue. Kanuk,  the shop that sells the famous Quebec coats of the same name, can be found on Rachel Street. ONZE, Urban Outfitters and Lululemon Athletica can be found on St-Denis Street.

If your wallet, or ecological or ethical consciousness, makes you wary of overly trendy shops, rest assured: there’s an impressive selection of second-hand clothing shops, such as Rétromania or thrift shop Peek-a-boo, which specialises in children’s clothing.

For art-lovers

The roads are overflowing with artistic discoveries for the aesthete in you. From murals to artworks and the art gallery, you won't be disappointed.


Paul’s Boutique is an institution. Whether you're a music lover who collects vinyl or CDs, or simply someone who likes to stroll about the city discovering its legendary places, you need to stop by here.

La Binerie Mont-Royal is an authentic culinary institution that has sat majestically on Mont-Royal Avenue since 1938. Whatever your menu choice (meat pie, pouding chômeur, shepherd's pie, etc.), you must try the baked beans that are their trademark. And how about a nice spruce beer to go with that?!

Bring on the night

To end the day in style and in good company, a night out is strongly recommended. Whether you're a pub or nightclub type of person, you're sure to find a place to party. For decent beer while discovering artists, the Quai des Brumes or the Divan Orange are highly popular... and packed out almost every night. If "nostalgia" or an "80s" theme is more your thing, La Tulipe puts on well-watered dance parties that you'll remember for a long time

Finally, Bily Kun and Plan-B are bars that deserve at least one visit, but you will most likely want to go back. For after-work drinks with colleagues, a date or a few drinks with the girls, these places are all ideal!

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