Discover the most effective types of exercise

October 9, 2015

Everyone agrees that exercise is an important component of healthy living. However, some swear by cardio, whereas other prefer stretching or weight training. We'll dispel some myths and show you what's best.

Discover the most effective types of exercise

Place some focus on aerobic exercise

  • Aerobic exercise is to fitness as carbohydrates are to nutrition, and just like carbs will make up the majority of your diet, aerobic exercise should be a large chunk of your physical activity.
  • Aerobic exercise is any form of prolonged activity that forces your heart and lungs to work harder than normal to deliver oxygen and fuel to your cells. Examples include jogging, bicycling, and swimming.
  • Aerobic exercise builds muscles, but it also builds heart and lung capacity and creates greater stamina.

Get some strength training in

  • Strength training is to fitness as protein is to nutrition. It's an important component that shouldn't be ignored.
  • Also known as anaerobic exercise, this form of fitness involves short but intense exertions that challenge and build specific muscles or muscle groups.
  • You only need a modest amount of strength training in your fitness "diet." Experts recommend exercising each muscle group twice a week.

Don't forget to stretch

  • Stretching is to fitness as fats are to nutrition. It plays an important role that's often shunned or overlooked. But just as you require fat in your diet, you should also include stretching in your fitness regimen.
  • Stretching helps your muscles and joints stay limber and loose. Without stretching, your range of movement will get smaller and smaller over time, eventually making even simple activities more difficult.
  • You only need a small time investment in this form of fitness to reap great benefits. Yoga and some of the martial arts provide creative ways to stretch. You can also stretch to a video or on your own.

Just as it's important to eat a balanced diet with different kinds of nutrients, it's important to have a balanced fitness plan with different kinds of exercise. Use this guide to adjust your fitness regiment accordingly to maximize your health and well-being.

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