3 fun and creative gifts kids can make for Mother's Day

If you have an imaginative child who is keen to make a colourful and unique present for Mom this Mother's Day, here are some fun and creative craft ideas she'll love! [Image credit: iStock.com/Madhourse]

3 fun and creative gifts kids can make for Mother's Day

Kids don't have to buy Mom pricey gifts for Mother's Day. In fact, there are many lovely gifts that kids can create at home. If you have an imaginative child keen to make a present, here are some fun and creative craft ideas sure to make this Mother's Day a hit!

1. Creative Mother's Day "menu"

If your child wants to incorporate a creative aspect into a larger gift for the day, consider helping him make a chalkboard menu of activities on which he can write the plans for Mother's Day.

  • To make the menu, simply take a solid colour photo frame with no picture in it and paint the glass using black chalkboard paint.
  • After the paint dries, use chalk to write the "menu" of the day – whether that includes the activities Mom and kids will do together or the menu for breakfast in bed.
  • Mom can keep the picture frame and after Mother's Day use it in the kitchen as a "to-do" reminder list; for groceries that need to be bought, and to jot down appointments and phone numbers in a pinch.

2. Colourful flower vases

For the flower-loving Mom, your child can create a set of six vases. All you'll need is an empty six pack of beer (the bottles), as well as the cardboard holder.

  • First, rinse out the bottles.
  • Then, use construction paper and paint to cover the beer logo on the outside of the carton.
  • Next, use thick, matte paint to cover the bottles completely.
  • After they're dry, tie colourful ribbons around the necks of the bottles and place them in the cardboard holder.
  • To be even more festive, put a flower or two in each vase when you give them to her.

3. Fun coupon book

Have your child create his or her own coupon book for Mom this Mother's Day.

  • Help your child make a list of ten nice things he or she can do for Mom in the future – such as fold the laundry, do the dishes or go to bed early (without squabbling).
  • Then, cut out ten equal-size sheets of construction paper and write each of these ideas on a page to create gift coupons. Use markers, glitter, glue and other arts supplies to decorate the coupons.
  • Next, punch holes in the side of the coupons, then use ribbons or yarn to tie all of the coupons together.
  • Now, when Mom receives her coupon book, not only will she be receiving a custom piece of art from your child, but also some nice gifts within the book that will keep on giving in the future!

The best part about a gift your child makes for Mom is not just that it's a one-of-a-kind keepsake, but it comes from the heart and not the store. These can't-miss craft ideas are sure to make for a Mother's Day gift that will always be remembered.

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