Do I need to call an automotive locksmith?

December 19, 2014

Can’t get into your car? Maybe your key broke off in the lock or your purse was stolen with all your keys inside it? If you’re standing outside your locked car and you can see the keys still in the ignition, an automotive locksmith is what you need to avoid any damage to your car.

Do I need to call an automotive locksmith?

Why call an automotive locksmith?

Locksmiths don’t just install deadbolts these days. If you have a problem getting into your car or need adjustments made to your electronic key fob, you can easily find a locksmith who has the right equipment. In fact, some lock professionals specialize in vehicle locks and many of them offer the following services:

  • Replacement of car keys, regardless of make and model
  • Service technicians around the clock, every day of the week
  • Mobile service that comes right to you
  • Extraction of keys stuck in locks or in the ignition
  • Transponder key programming (smart keys)
  • Laser-cut car keys
  • De-icing frozen door and trunk locks
  • Re-creating keys from locks, if your key is lost
  • Copying spare keys

They’re not like any other key

Did you know that car keys are among the most difficult ones to copy? Transponder car keys, which are used as anti-theft devices, won’t let you turn over the ignition if the key isn’t programmed specifically for your car.

  • Automotive locksmiths are trained to duplicate and program these new types of keys.
  • In some cases, they can even produce a spare key on site with their mobile locksmith unit.

A good habit

To avoid being caught unprepared, it’s a good idea to keep the business card of an automotive locksmith in your wallet. Make sure he or she offers service for your make of car. Since it’s impossible to predict when a key or lock problem will occur, having their contact information handy could spare you a big headache one day.

  • You can also avoid any nasty surprises by making sure you use a company that employs government-accredited locksmiths.
  • In some provinces, locksmiths don’t need to be government licensed. However, you should still check whether the person in question is part of a professional association and can attest to his or her trustworthiness and skills with a certificate of study in the locksmith trade.
  • Whether you need a new transponder key made or you have to get into your car without a key, an automotive locksmith who is familiar with newer car models is your best ally.
  • A phone call will be enough to let you hit the road with confidence.
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