5 door lock styles for every level of security

November 25, 2014

When you need to keep your goods on lockdown, you need the right lock. There are many types of door locks, and each has its own purpose and features.

5 door lock styles for every level of security

1. Deadbolts

Deadbolts are a mainstay of door lock technology simply because of how they're constructed. When locked, a long solid metal bar slides horizontally through the door jam and into the wall. It's a simple, strong design that's adequate for many security needs. It makes forcing the door difficult due to the large bar that goes right into the wall. Most houses have a deadbolt on the front and back doors.

2. Handle locks

Simple door handle locks are common in most households. They're very low security, as their purpose is generally to ensure someone doesn't accidentally walk into an occupied washroom or guest bedroom, for instance. It's mainly used for privacy. You wouldn't rely on this basic lock to protect major valuables from a thief, but for everyday, low level security, they do the trick just fine.

3. Combination locks

Combination locks are a type of keyless lock without an electronic mechanism. Only a combination code can access them. So, the "key" exists only in the mind of the user, and can be shared or hidden as necessary. These locks are common on safes and other storage areas, but can also appear on houses and office doors. The mechanism can be a classic spinning combination wheel or a series of numbered buttons.

4. Keyless and electronic locks

Many locks use an electronic interface to open and close. They require either a code, a card or a fob to activate, and can't be picked due to the absence of a keyhole. Getting through these locks without proper access requires the mechanism to be hacked or rewired, or the door to be physically forced. This is especially common in commercial and business settings where extra security is necessary, and in cases where it's important to identify the person.

5. Padlocks

Padlocks with a simple latch system are perfectly adequate for many simple outdoor uses like a shed door or a locked crate. Padlocks can come in both keyhole or combination styles and range in price and quality. Just be sure the latch is properly fastened to the door, as the quality of the lock won't matter if someone can just unscrew the latch!

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