Drop pounds and get fit when you exercise with your baby

October 16, 2014

There are loads of options open to new moms who want to get back in shape without having to be separated from their new babies. There's something for everyone, whether you like to work out indoors or outside, alone or with other moms. The goal is to squeeze in a bit of exercise with your baby so you can get fit and have fun at the same time.

Strength building

You don’t need to go to a sweaty gym to tone your muscles; you can do it with your baby. Here are some examples of exercises you can do with your baby at home or at the park.

  • The bench press. Lie on your back, with your knees bent, and hold your baby around the waist. Fold and unfold your arms to make her fly.
  • The squat. Stand with your baby in your arms, your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees to crouch as low as possible, and then stand again. Be sure to keep your back straight.
  • The lunge. Cradle your baby on one hip, then take a big step forward, keeping your back straight and shifting your weight onto the front leg. Your front knee should not be bent so much that it hovers past your toes.

Stroller fitness

If you enjoy being out in the fresh air, exercising with baby is something you’ll love. Stroller fitness is increasingly popular and is done outdoors, usually in a park. This activity involves pushing your baby along while doing exercises that improve your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen your muscles, including your abs. In winter, you can replace the stroller with a sled.

Tailor-made classes for moms and babies

Many fitness classes are now available for new moms who want to get back in shape by exercising with their baby. You can take a dance class—salsa or merengue, for example—or an aerobics class. You’ll build muscle strength fast when you carry your baby while you move. Don’t really like dancing? You could always opt for a mom-and-baby yoga or Pilates class.


The pool offers many possibilities, including aquafitness classes for mom and baby. However, if you want to take these classes, your baby should be able to hold up his or her head, as you’ll be exercising while holding your baby. Other types of aquafitness classes involve swimming in the deep-end while pushing or pulling your baby, who is seated in a floating device.

Activities accessible to all

The good news? These activities require little equipment and they are very accessible. They also allow you to get some fresh air or to meet other moms. Getting exercise with your baby is as good for your health as it is for your morale!

Drop pounds and get fit when you exercise with your baby
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