Easily track and improve your health

September 20, 2015

There are many measurements you could track to the point of obsession for your physical health. But, you really just need to measure and monitor a few numbers over time to reveal your state of health. Here's a handy worksheet to help you easily track and improve your health.

Easily track and improve your health

Your health by numbers

Use this worksheet for guidance and enlist your doctor's help to establish your current measurements and set reasonable targets. Then tick off the actions you're willing to take to achieve your goals.

1. Daily calorie needs

Estimated daily calories: _____ Target daily calories: _____  Calorie surplus: _____

Actions you can take to improve:

  • Eat fewer snacks
  • Cut back on fatty foods
  • Eat more vegetables and fruit
  • Have one meat-free meal each day

2. Waist circumference

Current waist size: _____ Target waist size: _____

Actions you can take to improve:

  • Cut back on daily calories
  • Take brisk daily walks
  • Maintain a stretching program
  • Maintain a strength-building program

3. Cholesterol levels

Current total cholesterol: _____ Target total cholesterol: _____ Current HDLs: _____ Target HDLs: _____ Current LDLs: _____ Target LDLs: _____

Actions you can take to improve:

  • Increase daily fibre intake
  • Eat more fish, olive oil and nuts
  • Exercise regularly

4. Blood pressure

Current blood pressure: _____ Target blood pressure: _____

Actions you can take to improve:

  • Cut right back on salt
  • Eat plenty of potassium-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise a little more

5. Triglycerides

Current triglycerides: _____  Target triglycerides: _____

Actions you can take to improve:

  • Replace simple carbohydrates with complex ones
  • Drink only in moderation
  • Eat more vegetables every day
  • Cut down on saturated fats

6. Morning pulse rate

Current rate: _____  Target rate: _____

Actions you can take to improve:

  • Get heart-pumping exercise regularly
  • Learn relaxation techniques to lower stress
  • Get a full night's sleep every night
  • Lose excess weight
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