Easy fixes for a bathroom fan and scale

June 30, 2015

Common problems with bathroom fans and scales are easy enough to fix at home. Try the below tips if you are experiencing issues with these bathroom fixtures.

Easy fixes for a bathroom fan and scale

The extractor fan isn’t clearing the bathroom

Free any blocked ducts

A sluggish extractor fan will fail to clear your bathroom of steam after you've taken a bath or shower. Surface dampness will cause mildew and condensation stains unless you take action.

  • Check the point on your outside wall where the extractor duct meets fresh air. Clear any obstructions, such as climbing plants or birds' nests, away from the vent.
  • If the moist, extracted air is carried out via ducts in the attic of the house, climb up into the roof space with a flashlight. Check that a box or suitcase hasn't fallen onto the ducting, kinking it or flattening it altogether. Look along the whole length of the duct pipe, searching for cracks or tears that might reduce the fan's efficiency. Bandage any splits with duct tape.

My bathroom scale is flattering me

Clean and recalibrate for an accurate reading

If you suspect that your bathroom scale is inaccurate, weigh yourself on a reliable scale at your doctor's office or health club. A difference between the two readings indicates that your scale may need some attention.

  • Dirt or dust can interfere with the mechanism within your bathroom scale, giving a false reading. Open the casing of the scale. You'll probably need to remove two screws or springs holding the top and bottom together; then use your vacuum cleaner with its brush attachment to remove any dust and debris. Squeeze a drop of light machine oil onto all the moving parts, such as the levers and springs within the mechanism.
  • Next, calibrate your scale; start by placing it on a level, hard surface (not a carpet). If you have an analog scale (with a moving needle display), find the adjustment wheel or lever (usually on the side or back of the unit). Place an object of known weight (a dumbbell is ideal) in the centre of the scale, then turn the adjustment lever until it shows the correct weight. The scale is now calibrated.
  • If your scale has a digital readout, make sure that you have fitted fresh batteries and then follow the manufacturer's guidelines for calibration.
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