Easy Fixes for Carpet Burns

June 30, 2015

Burns and stains on your carpet can be aggravating, but need not be cause of alarm. From quick fixes to patching, repairing burnt carpet will be a breeze with the useful tips.

Easy Fixes for Carpet Burns

I’ve singed my carpet

Snip away the damage

If the burn isn't too deep, try cutting off the burnt tips of the carpet's pile with a sharp pair of scissors, exposing the good fibres underneath. You can try the same approach with a stain if it doesn't go deep into the pile.

There’s a deep burn on my carpet

Match it and patch it

If the damage is too deep for a quick fix , you can make and fit a patch to improve the carpet's appearance. You'll be glad if you've kept some offcuts of carpet, but don't fret if not — you can cut a patch from an out-of-the-way place, such as under the sofa. If your carpet is patterned, cut a patch that duplicates the pattern of the damaged piece.

Time needed to patch a carpet: one hour.

You will need: trimming knife, metal ruler, hammer, carpet adhesive and double-sided sticky tape.

  1. Using the trimming knife, cut a square patch slightly larger than the damaged area. Use the ruler to keep the edges neat. Lay the patch over the burnt area, making sure that the pile of both runs in the same direction. Run your hand over the carpet — the smoothest direction is the run of the pile. Hold the patch down firmly with the ruler and cut in a straight line through both the patch and the carpet beneath with the knife.
  2. Lift out and remove the damaged piece of carpet, revealing the floor underneath. Squeeze carpet adhesive around the edges of the hole, no more than halfway up the pile of the carpet. Do the same along the edges of the patch for maximum adhesion.
  3. Lay down a rectangle of double-sided tape under the edges of the hole so that half of the tape width is under the carpet and half protrudes into the hole. Peel the backing off the tape and press the carpet down firmly.
  4. Place the patch in position and press down firmly to stick the patch to the protruding tape. Finally, tap lightly round the join with the hammer to secure the patch.
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