Easy snacks to bring on a kayaking trip

November 3, 2015

5 easy refuelling snacks to bring with you on a kayaking trip

Kayaking is an intensive workout, which means you'll need to refuel. Here are five easy snacks to bring with you on your next kayaking trip.

Easy snacks to bring on a kayaking trip

1. Sandwich wraps

Sandwich wraps are easy to make and don't take up much space on your kayak. Just take a burrito or tortilla wrap, and fold up lunch meat, like summer sausage or turkey, and cheese. You can wrap them in a plastic bag that seals tightly and pack them into your food bag. If you are on a long trip, you can even heat the wraps over the fire when it's cold outside to give your body a warm boost.

2. Peanut butter and jam

Peanut butter and jam on whole wheat or white bread is another great snack. It's packed with protein and can last all day without spoiling. Make sure to pack the sandwich in a plastic bag that seals well, and store it someplace where it won't get smashed, ideally at the top of a food bag.

3. Fruit

Fruit is a good food to bring because it will give you natural sugar and an energy boost to get you through your trip. It's also healthy and won't be ruined if it gets a little wet. Bring along an orange, banana or apple for a quick and easy snack you can eat on the go.

4. Trail mix

Any kind of snacks that come pre-packaged in bags are good for kayaking because the contents won't get wet. A trail mix blend that has a combination of nuts and fruit will give you a quick energy boost, plus it is a healthy snack packed with protein and nutrients.

5. Hummus and pita

Hummus and pita bread is a great alternative to other kinds of snacks. There are even powdered types of hummus that you can mix with water until it forms a paste. It stands up well to water and doesn't take up much room in your kayak. You can also put a variety of different things in pita, like meat and cheese and veggies. Just pack them on top of the food bag so they don't get wet.

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