Easy tips to keep your electric shaver clean and sharp

September 4, 2015

If you're still poking around inside your electric shaver with a tiny little brush — or worse, you haven't seen the brush for years — it might be time to check out the generation of self-cleaning or washable electric shavers. They make the whole business of keeping your shaver in optimal condition a breeze.

Easy tips to keep your electric shaver clean and sharp

1. To keep your shaver working properly

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Many electric shavers — both foil cutters and rotary blades — can be fully immersed and rinsed under the tap for easy cleaning, while others have self-cleaning options, using alcohol-based cleaning cartridges.
  • Clean the shaver after every use, rather than letting hair, skin particles and shaving products build up.

2. If your shaver is the non-washable type

  • Make sure you brush it after each shave to dislodge dust, dead skin and other stuff that's clogging the works and damaging the blades.
  • Many of these older-style foil shavers have a removable head cover. Pop it off and brush the underside, avoiding the delicate screen.
  • If you've lost the brush that came with your shaver, use a small toothbrush (one that's no longer used, obviously).
  • Then remove the shaving head and gently brush the cutting mechanism. A blast of compressed air will dislodge any material that stands in the way of a smooth shave.

3. For non-washable rotary head shavers

  • Lift off the razor head assembly and brush out the underside of the cutters and the razor chamber.
  • Avoid tapping the heads on the basin to remove whiskers, because this may damage the precision-made combs.

4. If you use a shave stick

  • This is a compressed powder product that dries up perspiration and facial oils to create a smoother shave but the powder can block up your electric shaver blades.
  • To fix this, dip a cotton swab in methylated spirits and wipe the blades.

5. To clean the exterior

  • Unplug your shaver and wipe the surfaces with a damp washer.
  • If anything insists on clinging to the outside, use a bit of methylated spirits to wipe it off.
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