Easy warm water exercises for the relief of arthritis pains

4 easy warm water exercises for immediate arthritis relief

Warm water exercises effectively relieve arthritis pain by loosening tight joints and reducing swelling and inflammation. These warm water exercises can help arthritis patients with therapy that would otherwise be painful without the buoyancy of water. Try any of these four warm water exercises for relief in a pool or spa or even in a bathtub at home.

Easy warm water exercises for the relief of arthritis pains

Preparing for warm water exercise

1. Drink a glass of water before exercising to ensure your body is well-hydrated.

2. Water for exercise should be between 30 to 35 degrees Celsius for proper warmth.

3. Determine how much exercise you need. Immediate benefits can be achieved in 20 to 30 minutes, and beginners can start with two to three sessions a week.

1. Elbow bend and wrist turn

Best for: arm and wrist pain.

Step 1: With shoulders fully immersed in water, raise arms to shoulder level. Point fingers upwards and stretch, then bring them downwards and stretch again. Repeat eight times for each wrist.

Step 2: Lift elbow with palms facing up, then bend upwards towards shoulder; repeat three times. Repeat, this time raising your arms over your head with fingers touching your ears. Repeat three times for each elbow.

2. Arm flap and shoulder circles

Best for: shoulder and back pain.

Step 1: With shoulders fully immersed in water, extend both arms forward then upward. Hold for three seconds. Bring arms down sideways in a circular motion. Relax for three seconds.

Step 2: Bring arms to shoulder level with palms facing down. Raise shoulders, then lower them. Repeat eight times, then make circling shoulder movements for another eight counts.

3. Ankle and hamstring circles

Best for: knee and leg pain.

Step 1: Raise one foot to knee level. Hold for three seconds. Make circling ankle movements, rotating the foot inward then back. Repeat eight times for each knee.

Step 2: Stretch legs out and extend toes as far as possible. Move toes up and down four times. Move legs toward chest and repeat toe stretching for another four counts.

4. Spread eagle hip exercise

Best for: hip and leg pain.

Step 1: Support hip by sitting on a pool ledge. Push legs forward to straighten knees, extend each leg outwards, then back to position. Repeat four times.

Step 2: Slowly raise one knee to the chest while gently stretching the hip. Do four counts for each knee.

Gentle movements executed in calming warm water help lower stress levels, giving arthritis patients a more relaxed body and mind.

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