Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

The bathroom can easily become the messiest room in your home. But there's a few easy ways to keep it bright, shining and clean!

Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

An ounce of prevention

When a bathroom is the central location for a family's morning rituals, the surfaces quickly become dirty and the moist air invites bacteria to grow.

  • Sponge down the tub, shower and sink daily. That will save time when the weekly deep cleaning rolls around.
  • The best time to clean a bathroom is right after taking a shower or bath, when the steam has loosened the dirt.

The tools to clean the entire bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom is a lot easier and more effective if you use the proper tools for the job.

  • There can be many types of surfaces in a bathroom — glass, porcelain, fibreglass, brass and chrome — but all you need are four basic products: an all-purpose liquid disinfectant cleaner; a tub, tile and sink cleaner; a toilet-bowl cleaner; and a glass cleaner.
  • You will also need a long-handled toilet brush, a scrubber sponge and plenty of paper towels or rags.
  • For hard-to-clean areas, such as the soap dish and shower door frame, you will find that a small brush such as an old but clean toothbrush or nail brush is handy to have in your cleaning bucket.
  • Unless you have a large floor area that might call for a mop, you can get good results by just spraying the floor with an all-purpose cleaner and then wiping it with a sponge or rags.
  • Some areas in the bathroom, such as the toilet bowl and the shower and tub, are prone to troublesome stains. Tackle these surfaces by spraying the cleaner on the stains and letting it penetrate while you clean other surfaces in the room. When you return to the spot after a few minutes, chances are you will be able to wipe it clean.
  • When cleaning your bathroom, work from the cleanest surface (the mirror) to the dirtiest (the floor), cleaning the sink, tub and toilet as you go.

A breath of fresh air

Bathrooms should smell as fresh and sanitary as they look.Make sure to spruce up your room with a scent to add the perfect finishing touch.

  • Use an air freshener if you like its scent, but keep in mind that it doesn't actually get rid of odours. It just covers them up.
  • To kill odour-causing bacteria, use disinfectants and cleaners containing pine oil. Baking soda, vinegar and borax are good odour-removers as well.
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