Easy ways to vacuum and clean your rugs

Since all rugs, including carpets, wear out from the bottom, regular maintenance is important. Here are some easy tips for cleaning your rugs and keeping them in great shape!

Easy ways to vacuum and clean your rugs

Easy ways to vacuum area rugs

Grit and sand settle at the base of loop and pile constructions or lodge between the yarns of flat tapestry weaves, cutting fibers and wearing out the rug. So, to improve the life of your rugs, vacuum often.

  • The type of regular maintenance and the equipment you use is governed primarily by the rug's construction. Some maintenance and repairs for area rugs are the same as for carpets.
  • Area rugs made from or in the same construction as wall-to-wall carpeting are best cleaned using an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • All handmade rugs, whether antique or new, deserve and need tender care. While most can be vacuumed, rag rugs and bathroom throw rugs can be washed by machine.
  • When you buy a new rug, be sure to save any tags with care instructions and receipts with guarantees. Discuss both at the store.
  • If you receive a quality rug as a gift and it has no care tag, consult a professional before proceeding beyond vacuuming. Antique rug dealers, dry cleaners and specialty stores can be helpful resources.
  • It takes time to vacuum well. A quick once-over only removes surface dirt and dust, so move the vacuum slowly and revacuum each area.

The right vacuum cleaner to use

The tank/canister type of vacuum cleaner may be the best choice for most area rugs.

  • Small or lightweight rugs may not respond well to the agitator or beater action of an upright vacuum; its suction can be too strong, causing eventual distortion in the weave.

How to vacuum fringes

Vacuum fringes with a hand-held dust or upholstery attachment on an upright, or use a canister or other hand-held vacuum cleaner.

A simple way to vaccum hand-knotted rugs

Oriental carpets and other hand-knotted rugs should be vacuumed only in one direction, "following the nap," so the yarns always lie flat.

  • This technique puts less stress on hand-tied knots.

Don't beat your rugs!

People used to clean rugs by hanging them on a line and beating them — they even had special rug-beating tools. The great clouds of dust produced gave the impression that a lot of cleaning was going on.

  • In fact, beating a rug can tear it apart. Braided rugs are particularly vulnerable.
  • At most, give a lightweight rug a good shaking to start the cleaning process. The best way to clean is to vacuum and shampoo.

Rug maintenance doesn't have to be difficult or overwhelming. Follow these simple tips and clean your rugs today— you'll be surprised by how easy it is!

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