5 simple DIY eco-friendly cleaning products

Cleaning your home has never been gentler for the environment or your wallet. Here are five inexpensive, eco-friendly cleaning products that are easy to make and really work.

5 simple DIY eco-friendly cleaning products

Why use natural cleaners?

Not only will you save money by making your own cleaners, but it can be nice to know what's going into the products you're using around your home.

The ingredients used might already even be in your cupboard. Baking soda, for example, is known to get rid of unpleasant odours, but did you know that it also has stain releasing and disinfectant properties? As for vinegar, it’s a natural degreaser that can dissolve the worst soap or limestone deposits.

Natural cleaner ingredients

  • Pure ecological soap (all-natural, made ​​from vegetable fat)
  • Lemon (or lemon juice)
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oils, such as lemon or eucalyptus oils
  • Other essential oils to to add a scent you love, such as lavender, rosewood, cinnamon, grapefruit, bergamot, chamomile and tea tree oil
  • Fresh herbs, flowers or scented leaves, such as thyme, basil, lemon or lilac, can be added to customize the scent
  • Water

What you can make

  • All-purpose household or appliance cleaner
  • Dish soap or laundry detergent
  • Glass cleaner
  • Floor cleaning solvent
  • Fragrant scouring powder

All-purpose cleaner recipes

  • Degreaser: Add one tablespoon each of baking soda, white vinegar and either lemon or eucalyptus essential oil to one litre of hot water.
  • Disinfectant: Add 10-25 ml of eucalyptus or lemon essential oil to one litre of water. Shake well before use.

Appliance cleaner recipe

Combine two tablespoons of baking soda and lemon juice with five drops of lemon essential oil.

Laundry detergent recipe

  • Mix one litre of hot water, 40 grams of pure soap chips and one tablespoon each of white vinegar and baking soda together. Include some essential oil drops to leave a pleasant scent on your laundry.
  • Stir the solution well and use about of a half a cup of this detergent for each load of laundry.

Dish soap recipe

Blend three cups of water with two tablespoons of pure soap. Toss in two tablespoons of vinegar and baking soda.

Floor cleaner

Pour four parts hot water to one part vinegar in a bucket, then add a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Scouring powder recipe

Surprisingly, simple baking soda (bicarbonate) will do the trick. You can add a little water to it if you’d like.

  • To make a fragrantly-scented scouring powder, simply mix in fresh herbs, flowers or lemongrass with baking soda in a blender.

Making your own home cleaning products is simple, it will help save you money overall, and your home is sure to smell beautiful.

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