Effective remedies for low blood pressure

July 29, 2015

Fatigue and exhaustion are typical symptoms of excessively low blood pressure (systolic values under 100 mmHg for women and 110 mmHg for men). It is not a threat to your health, but can be an obstacle to well-being. Check out some of these home remedies for low blood pressure.

Effective remedies for low blood pressure

Home remedies for low blood pressure

  • Pump up the fluids. Dehydration reduces blood volume, which can lead to low blood pressure.
  • Drink black tea. It's a stimulant, so don't let it steep for longer than three to five minutes.
  • Knock back a shot glass of rosemary wine with a meal at midday and in the evening to get your blood vessels into shape in a jiffy. To make it, pour about 750 millilitres (25 ounces) of white wine over 20 grams (2/3 ounce) of rosemary leaves. Strain and bottle after five days.
  • Indulge your sweet tooth with licorice. But just one small piece a day, since the active ingredient in it, glycyrrhizin, can have undesirable side effects in large quantities.
  • Sleep with your upper body slightly elevated to stimulate circulation and make it easier to rise and shine.
  • Soak 30 raisins in water overnight. Raisins can do wonders for blood pressure. Eat the raisins in the morning, and then drink the raisin water.
  • Alternate hot and cold water during your morning shower. This practice has long been a tradition in some parts of Europe. It forces your blood vessels to contract then expand, and helps blood pressure return to normal. Begin with warm water. After two minutes, turn the temperature to cold for 15 seconds, and repeat the procedure three times. Always end with cold water.
  • Get moving. All physical activity increases blood pressure, so you can benefit from a regime of light exercise, as well as activities such as walking, swimming or cycling. However, you should first clear your exercise program with your doctor.

Consult a doctor if your blood pressure gets too low.

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