Elderberry: a magical medicinal plant

Did you know that there are natural ways to cure and relieve the symptoms associated with the common cold such as fever, nasal congestion and sinus congestion? Find out what elderberry can do for you.

Elderberry: a magical medicinal plant


  • People have long attributed mystical and magical powers to elder (also called common elder, black elder, European elderberry or European black elderberry.)
  • In many parts of Europe, people used elder for magic and medicine, which led to it being sometimes called Lady Winter, because of its association with death, transformation and Halloween.
  • In the Middle Ages, it was called devil timber or Judas tree, in reference to the wood of the cross of Christ. Indeed it is said that Judas was hung from a branch of an elder tree.


  • Use fresh or dried flowers to make red wine, syrup or herbal tea.
  • You can also add them to fruit sauces, jellies and jams, as well as pies and fruit crumbles.
  • They heightenthe aromas of gooseberry and rhubarb.

Herbal medicine

Flowers and black elderberries were prescribed to combat the symptoms of colds and flu, including fever and congestion of the nose and sinuses.

  • The flowers can also reduce the amount of mucus in cases of hay fever, sinusitis and otitis media.
  • Recent clinical trials have shown that black elderberry syrup can reduce the symptoms and duration of the flu and berry components can activate immune cells and act on the virus to reduce their infection index.
  • Do not take elderif you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

So, elderberry helps prevent and cure infections and combat congestion. In cooking, use flowers and fruits for making beverages and seasonings. Their leaves are used only for making insecticides.

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