Elegant gift wrapping on a budget

November 3, 2015

An elegantly wrapped present highlights that it was chosen with care, but not everyone has the budget to have presents professionally wrapped. A bit of creativity and a few accessories can help you give gifts a professional look without the cost.

Elegant gift wrapping on a budget

Use what you have available and get creative

You don't have to head to the store to buy the most expensive paper when it comes to gift wrapping. In fact, you'll find there are plenty of items around your house that are perfect for making your gifts stand out.

  • Fabric: Old fabric makes a perfect wrapping paper. Just pair your fabric with ribbons or yarn for a look that is unique as well as attractive.
  • Paper: Even paper bags from the market look elegant if you use bright ribbon or cut-outs that can be created out of construction paper.
  • Decoration: Decorative trees or snowflakes for Christmas or candles and cakes for a birthday look pretty when used on plain, brown paper.

You don't always have to use a box and paper to wrap certain items.

  • Jars: Glass Mason jars are an inexpensive way to wrap bath beads, soaps, ingredients for cooking, candy, and even small items. Simply use the jar to hold the items and wrap some decorative ribbon or yarn around the rim, making curls with scissors. If you don't want the recipient to be able to see inside, use some inexpensive tissue paper to line the inside of the jar before adding your gift items.
  • Tins: Decorative cookie tins are another way of sharing a gift without having to go overboard on wrapping with expensive paper. Just don't forget to make it pretty with accessories. Something as simple as a slip of tissue paper under a ribbon looks elegant on any plain wrapping.

Accessorize your gifts

No matter what type of box, jar or tin you use, be sure to accessorize your paper. Even the plainest paper looks expensive when you add a beautiful satin ribbon or bow. Another inexpensive way of decorating your gifts is to use a glue stick to mark patterns on the top of your box. Add glitter or confetti and let dry for a unique look that adds a luxurious touch.

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