Enhance your home's style with decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is an inexpensive way to add a sense of style to a room, increase its architectural appeal, and set the mood in any indoor or outdoor space of your home.
Indoor decorative lighting

String lights: These light strands come in hundreds of styles and colours, making them a great source of inspiration when decorating a room. Here are some ideas for lighting decoration with string lights:

  1. Drape white string lights over your bed for a calming atmosphere.
  2. Create rustic art in any room by winding string lights around a tree branch placed in a large floor vase.
  3. Arrange tiny lights around a mirror for a soft effect.

Chandeliers: Traditionally, chandeliers are the most dramatic of lighting options. They are traditionally used in dining rooms and foyers. Today, chandeliers can be a focal point in any setting. Vintage chandeliers can be found in modern designer bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Wall sconces: Wall sconces can add just the right amount of ambient lighting to a room. Often, sconces are used to illuminate wall art or to light a dim corner.

Track lighting: Track lighting may have a bad reputation from the '80s as being harsh, but with today's modern designs, track lighting is still a popular choice. Use track lighting to focus light on a work area or to add decorative, focused light throughout a room.

Recessed lighting: Recessed lighting is very versatile. Decorators use recessed lights to create the illusion of space in small rooms, create ambiance in rooms and also to focus light in one area. Recessed lights provide a clean and simple look.

Outdoor decorative lighting

Outdoor lighting is about safety as well as enhancing the beauty of your home. While floodlights or spotlights are generally used for safety and security, plenty of other types of outdoor lighting will make your home look beautiful at night.

Wall lights: Usually found flanking garage doors or entry ways, wall lights can be found in any style to match the architecture of the home. They are relatively easy to swap out and are a quick and easy way for homeowners to create a new look.

Pathway lights: Create an elegant look by lighting pathways with a soft glow. Pathway lights are often solar-powered, which means they are low maintenance.

Lamp post lights: The lamp post light has gone out of style in many parts of the country. Traditionalists will enjoy bringing it back and making their own statement with any number of lamp post lighting styles.

Decorative lighting enhances any design scheme, from traditional to contemporary both inside and outside of a home. Using lighting to decorate your space is an economical way to create a look that is distinctly yours.

Enhance your home's style with decorative lighting
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