Essential gear for a cross country motorcycle trip

November 1, 2015

Riding long distances on a motorbike is a major undertaking, even if you have stocked up on all the essential gear for a cross country motorcycle trip. You have very limited storage space and are very close to the elements and imminent danger, so the challenges of a long haul trip may seem to outweigh the benefits.

But if you bring along the following essential gear for a cross country trip, you can ensure your comfort and safety no matter what the road brings you.

Essential gear for a cross country motorcycle trip

A motorcycle toolbox

You should never go on a long distance ride without a quality, fully stocked motorcycle toolbox.

At the least, your toolbox should have everything necessary for minor roadside repairs including tire gauges and pumps, torque and socket wrenches for the chain, Allen keys and both flat and Phillips head screwdrivers.

It's also a good idea to keep a spare key for your motorcycle in the toolbox as well as a copy of the owners manual just in case anything happens to the originals while you're on the road and in the middle of nowhere.

All weather riding gear

Someone setting off for a cross country road trip needs to be prepared for all weather systems and riding conditions that they might run into.

It's important to have a rain suit or jacket, rain boot covers and rain gloves, since you might not always be able to stop off at a convenient location when inclement weather arises.

If you're travelling when the weather will be cold or through mountainous territory, you should also bring heated gear. This gear will plug right into your vehicle's battery and can help you maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Camping equipment

Because half the fun of a cross country motorcycle trip is being able to stop and camp out wherever you want, having the right camping equipment is an absolute essential.

High quality, yet highly packable tents, sleeping bags and cooking equipment will make a huge difference between being warm and cozy and simply roughing it.

Sleeping pads that are waterproof and can be rolled up and stored easily are another excellent addition to the mix.

Also, don't forget a flashlight or a headlamp and an extra set of batteries so that darkness at the end of the day does not mean the end of your daily activities.

So, if you're planning on riding your motorcycle across the country or going on an otherwise long haul trip, be sure to have these three major kinds of gear with you.

A motorcycle toolbox, all weather riding gear, and camping equipment will make your trip easier, and help you to better enjoy your travels.

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