Essential gear for urban motorcycle riding

November 3, 2015

Urban motorcycle riding is one of the most challenging activities in the world; it's an extreme, but functional sport. But those who brave the urban jungle on a regular basis need to be properly equipped. While safety is of the utmost importance, some items make riding more comfortable, while others simply make you look good.

Essential gear for urban motorcycle riding

Safety gear

Essential safety gear for urban motorcycle riding begins with the basics.

A good helmet, boots, gloves and a sturdy leather or plastic padded motorcycle jacket are all essential gear for urban motorcycle riding.

For daily urban riders, like commuters, it may be smart to invest in advanced safety items like riding pants with armoured knees, waterproof professional motorcycle jackets and boots with slip resistant soles for riding in wet weather.

Protective eye wear, including motorcycle goggles and motorcycle glasses, are also a great idea for riding in urban conditions where the air is full of particles.

Storage and baggage

Urban motorcycle riders are also confronted with the challenge of carrying important items like work documents, a change of clothes, food and anything else they need during the day ― and all in a limited space.

Fortunately, necessity has driven innovation in the area of motorcycle storage and there are now a number of options for those who need to pack items while they ride.

These innovations include a high quality waterproof motorcycle backpack that hugs tightly to the body, which is the first essential piece of gear for urban motorcycle riding.

If you need more space than a single backpack, then consider tank bags, saddle bags or top boxes. If you look into it, there are storage options out there that take advantage of the tiny bit of unused space on a motorcycle to provide extra storage and baggage space as well.

Style and comfort

Motorcycle riding provides one of those rare opportunities to combine style with function, as many of the high quality clothing items that make riding more comfortable are also extremely classic and fashionable.

A tight fitting motorcycle jacket with colourful stripes, for example, not only looks good enough to be worn on the runway but provides protection and visibility when on the road.

And, leather chaps protect the legs from light scratches as well as the biting wind; they also look great over a well-fitted pair of jeans.

Combine safety, comfort and style

While safety is essential when you're riding your motorcycle in the city or any urban area, this gear can help make your ride more comfortable, and help make you look more stylish. So keep the items mentioned in this list of motorcycle gear in mind to help keep yourself properly equipped.

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