Everything you need to know about daycare

The day has come to ship your toddler off to daycare, but you're concerned: are you sending them off to the right one? Don’t worry. Here's some advice to help ensure that you do!

Everything you need to know about daycare

The day has come. It’s time to send your little one off to daycare. There are lots of tears – and not likely just from your toddler! But don’t worry. There are many ways to ensure you find the best care for your child that’ll leave both of you happy with the choice – after the tears have dried up, of course!

1. Before you choose

When choosing daycare services, ask what would suit your family.

Of course, chatting to other parents who use the service is always helpful, too. They’ll provide you with candid feedback.

2. Figure out when to enrol your child

The time to enrol your child into daycare depends on where you live.

The cost of daycare in your province, and when you plan to go back to work should be factored into your budget and will also determine when you enrol your child.

3. Prepare your child for the first day of daycare

If you’re going to be separated from your child for the first time and they’re a little nervous about it, the best thing is to start talking to them before they start. A little preparation goes a long way!

  • Start slow, with a visit or leaving your child for short periods of time.
  • Explain to your child how fun daycare is and the new friends they’ll meet
  • Get prepared for the first day the night before
  • Avoid rushing out the door.
  • On the first day, say a quick goodbye and be off because lingering will only make it harder for your child.

4. Understand your child may have occasional problems

Regardless of how much you prepare, you’re child could still run into issues.

  • If your child is biting or hurting other children at daycare don’t give up! There could be lots of reasons for it. They might be trying to relieve teething pain, vent stress or are uncomfortable with something.
  • If there has recently been a change at the daycare itself, perhaps they are not adapting well to the turmoil.
  • Be sure to talk with your child and your child’s caregiver.
  • Above all, be patient, positive and keep in contact with the caregivers to make sure you’re dealing with the issue.

Finding someone you trust to care for your child every day is a huge undertaking. But by starting your search early and communicating with both your child and the caregiver, you’re sure to find a situation where everyone is happy!

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