Face any weather with these 3 layering pointers

November 3, 2015

From the coast to the mountains, the key to dealing with an ever-changing climate is dressing in layers. We'll give you three layering pointers to help keep you cozy, whatever the weather.

Face any weather with these 3 layering pointers

1. Skip the big jackets

While it's tempting to slip into a huge jacket, big bulky outer layers can present a variety of problems.

  • If you have to remove the jacket when the day warms up or you go into a heated building, the jacket will be too large to be carried around in comfort. Bulky outer layers don't fit inside most backpacks or other portable luggage, and they're too awkward and puffy to be tied around the waist or over the shoulders.
  • If you wear a big jacket for a day on the town, you'll likely end up uncomfortable, sweaty, and exhausted from lugging it around. A much better solution is to layer clothes.

2. Stock up on sweaters and collared shirts

Sweaters and collared shirts form the core of the art of layering clothes. Since quality sweaters are made from warm and insulating materials like wool, they're an excellent middle layer.

  • Wear a collared shirt underneath to provide a sophisticated style that looks good with the sweater on or off.
  • It also provides another layer on top of an undershirt. When the sun hits or you're indoors, it's easy to slip a sweater into your backpack or tote bag or even tie it around your waist.

3. Invest in the all-purpose shell

If you're already layered up with a collared shirt and a sweater, then all you need to keep the winter chill out is a good weatherproof shell.

  • Purchase quality outer shells at a variety of outdoor clothing stores. They come with or without a thin layer of insulation. Keep this insulation layer in mind, since it may make that extra difference in extra chilly weather.
  • Look for a waterproof shell with a removable zip-in liner so that you can stay dry from the rain or melting snow.
  • Aim for a form-fitting shell without the bulk so that it can be tucked away in portable luggage when indoors or enjoying warmer temperatures.

By layering smartly and avoiding large bulky jackets, you'll be able to manage your temperature with more convenience and control. Give it a shot: you won't want to go back to the old ways again.

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