Feeling down? Try some of these comfort foods

There are times in our busy lives that we feel down and in need of some comfort. Food is a big part of our lives, and some food items can lift our spirits and improve our outlook. Comfort foods are universal staples, and every nation on earth relies on specific food items to provide comfort when sick or feeling down. Here are five types of comfort foods that provide nutrition, a feeling of indulgence or just nostalgic memories of home.

Feeling down? Try some of these comfort foods

1. Savoury chicken meals

Chicken features in a number of comfort food meals, and chicken soup remains a firm favourite when sick or feeling physically drained. Roast chicken and fried chicken trail behind chicken soup, with chicken pie or chicken pot pie next in line.

2. Melted cheese dishes

  • For quick comfort foods, tuna melts and cheese sandwiches come out on top.
  • Pizzas and french fries are popular snack items that can lift your spirits and provide comfort.
  • Melted cheese on top of your french fries is optional, but recommended if you want to indulge yourself.

3. Hearty potato recipes

  • The humble potato is a great comfort food ingredient. From french fries to mashed potatoes, the potato lifts our spirits.
  • Hearty potato soup, roasted potatoes, baked potatoes and hash browns are examples of meals that are used as comfort food.
  • Potato chips are another favourite, and oven-baked potato wedges can improve any meal.
  • Scalloped potatoes and potato salad are also great comfort food items.

4. Rich pasta dishes

  • Pastas are popular comfort food meals, and the well-known macaroni and cheese rates particularly high on the popularity ladder.
  • Ratatouille, spaghetti and meatballs, baked ziti, and chicken or beef lasagna will lift your spirits and provide a nutritious meal at the same time.

5. Melt-in-your-mouth ice cream desserts

Last, but not least, comes ice cream. Ice cream and sweet desserts are popular comfort foods, and no home should be without them. Any type or flavour of ice cream will do, and who can turn down chocolate pudding? Just the thought of ice cream, chocolate pudding, cheesecake, or strawberry and rhubarb pie is enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

The reality is that we will feel down, sick or weak at times. Comfort foods are able to improve our mood, nourish our bodies and help us heal quicker. The best part is that comfort foods taste great. Include comfort food items on your grocery shopping list, and make sure that you are well prepared for those times that you need a boost.

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