Find the right showerhead for your bathroom

December 27, 2014

If your once powerful showerhead now produces little more than a dribble, you probably need a new one. Whether you want a water-saving low-flow showerhead or a super powerful handheld model, this guide will tell you how to find it.

Find the right showerhead for your bathroom

Types of showerheads

Showerheads come in many types to match the kinds of showers you like to take. These are the most popular styles.

Fixed: These showerheads firmly attach to the wall and are meant for a simple shower experience.

  • Fixed showerheads are your most basic and affordable and are also the easiest to install.

Hand-held showerheads: For getting to all those hard-to-reach places, handheld showerheads detach from their mount so you can spray wherever you want.

  • These models are especially popular for people with physical limitations, but others like the convenience of hand-held showerheads.

Rain showerheads: If you want your shower to feel like a day at the spa, consider a rain showerhead.

  • Installed into the ceiling instead of the wall, a rain showerhead has a gentle, non-adjustable flow that simulates standing in a warm spring rain.

Adjustable showerheads: Great for families and couples who like different types of showers, an adjustable showerhead gives you plenty of options to control how the water comes out of the showerhead.

  • Massage, pulse and high and low pressure settings are very common, each with their own benefits and sensations.

Showerhead spray patterns

  • Rain: Rain settings simulate a gentle rain for a relaxing and soothing shower.
  • Massage: High-pressure massage settings can help loosen your muscles after a hard day or workout.
  • Full: Using the whole surface area of the showerhead, a full setting covers more surface area but has less water pressure.
  • Jet: Singular and strong, a jet setting maximizes water pressure by limiting surface area. Perfect for cleaning after a particularly dirty workday.

Things to consider when buying a showerhead

Pressure and flow: Water pressure is a major concern for showerheads.

  • Too low and rinsing shampoo out of your hair takes ages; too high and showers will be uncomfortable.
  • If your home suffers from low water pressure, look for showerheads designed specifically to maximize water pressure. Otherwise, look for something that’s comfortable for everyone.

Finish: Chrome, brass and other materials are available, so try and match your showerhead to existing bathroom accessories.

  • Look for PVD finishes to reduce tarnishing and discolouration.

Installation: Showerheads are either installed in the wall or ceiling.

  • When buying a showerhead, consider where it’s going and if you’ll need professional installation.

Water usage: Low-flow showerheads and other styles can save you money by reducing water usage.

  • Older style showerheads used as much as 14 litres per minute, but newer technologies can halve that without sacrificing water pressure.

For a better shower

Showerheads are important for getting a satisfying shower. Now you can find one that suits your comfort level while saving you money and water.

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