Five basics to bring to any dance class

November 1, 2015

No matter what style of dance you do, your bag is your locker, first aid kit and organizer rolled into one. But, that doesn't mean you have to tote around a bag the size of a suitcase — just stick to the essentials. Here are five things to cover the basics.

Five basics to bring to any dance class

1. A water bottle

Staying hydrated is key to maintaining concentration and muscle function.

Look for a BPA-free water bottle or a glass one (try to find one that is shatterproof) with a sealed cap — spills could ruin the other things in your bag.

A water bottle with a clip are also good, as you can put them on the outside of your bag.

2. Foot care

Most styles of dance can be hard on your feet, whether it's ballroom shoes, pointed shoes or just bare feet.

To show your feet some TLC, you should have band-aids, sports tape and nail clippers in your bag.

You also might want to keep heel and toe pads in there, depending on the style of dance you do.

3. Snacks

Keeping your energy up is vital. Pack light, balanced snacks like yogurts, protein bars or fruit and nuts.

Look for single-serving packs of these snacks to keep your bag neat.

4. Warm up clothing

You'll need something over your leotard or top before you start a class. So leave a light, fitted sweater and a pair of pants in your bag.

You might also want to pack a dance skirt, if that applies to your style of dance.

Leg warmers are also always a good idea.

5. Cold pack and pain reliever

It's always good to have a cold pack of some kind with you in case you get hurt or need to cool any inflammation.

Try a cool gel pack that's easy to store and take with you.

You might also want to pack a local pain reliever.

Covering the basics

Covering these five areas will help you be prepared for any class you take. Though, if you take multiple styles of dance, you'll need to bring more shoes, warm ups and different kinds of foot care depending on each style.

Remember, you can always add more to your bag, but these five things cover the basics for any dance class.

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