5 home-improvement projects you can do this weekend

November 6, 2014

Weekends are the perfect time to tackle home improvement projects, which needn't be long or complicated. Even if you only have a day or two, here are five projects you and your family can easily complete.

5 home-improvement projects you can do this weekend

1. Create eye-catching hangings

Find a weathered louvred door or a shabby chic window frame.

  • Paint it on a Saturday and on Sunday, attach decorative hooks and hang it in the kitchen to display pot holders and cooking utensils.
  • You can play with the concept by making and framing a collage of family pictures and hanging that as part of the display.

2. Install instant closets

From dorm rooms to master bedrooms, there are a wide variety of instant closet solutions.

  • Start Saturday morning by going through your closet and getting rid of unused or unwanted items, then make a plan for remaining possessions.
  • Stores offer dorm kits complete with a small bin, hanging storage and a shoe caddy perfect for a child's room or a dorm room.
  • Standalone or easy-to-install wire and plastic closet inserts are a snap, even for the DIY-challenged.

3. Decorate your bathroom

Begin by painting the bathroom with a flat, white paint.

  • Buy a few fish stencils and tape them to the wall, and paint them in using yellow and blue hues.
  • If you're feeling more ambitious, you can get a DIY sponge and semi-gloss sea blue paint, then carefully dip the bottom of the sponge in the paint and dab it evenly over the wall.
  • Add a bright, quirky mirror and a sunshine-yellow shower curtain and you're all set.

4. Freshen up your family room

Start by repainting the room using a neutral colour.

  • To add a pop of contrast, try colour blocking. Colour blocking is the technique where you use a pattern to trace a shape, outline it with masking tape, then fill it in with a bold colour.
  • Stagger a series of colour blocks around the room to make a dramatic statement.
  • Finish the room off by super-sizing one or two favourite family photos, framing them, then hanging them in the repainted room.

5. Brighten your kids' rooms

When it comes to kids, go for colour, lots of colour.

  • Let the kids pick out their bedding, then paint the walls with a matching palette.
  • Add a colourful stick-on mural of a superhero or a princess.
  • A few bean bags and a low table can make a perfect chill-out corner.
  • A bold wall mount will provide storage for backpacks and the like.
  • Finish off with a few stacking storage cubes, and you have transformed the room!

Home DIY doesn't have to be hard. Making a few small changes over the course of a weekend can immediately make a big difference for months to come.

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