5 must-have decor items for the modern home

November 6, 2014

Home decor trends change rapidly, but these inexpensive and useful accessories continue to pop up in the most stylish homes.

5 must-have decor items for the modern home

Here are five must-have accessories and tips for incorporating them into your own home.

1. Oversized baskets

These aren't the quaint, homey baskets you grew up with. Richly textured and imbued with an exotic, worldly vibe, these oversized baskets are ideal for storing extra throw pillows and blankets, children's toys, magazines, and even kindling for your fireplace.

  • As stylish as they are functional, they're lifesavers when tidying up for company.

2. Decorative trays

While these are more for show than for function, you may find — as many home decorators have — that a small collection of trays helps you stay organized.

  • Whether on a bar cart holding bottles of booze, in an entryway for organizing incoming mail or displayed prominently on the coffee table and arranged with magazines and candles, trays are appearing in every room of the house.
  • Even in the bedroom or bathroom, a small tray for perfume or earrings can make a stylish "moment" on any surface.

3. Pouf ottomans

Somewhere between a home accessory and a piece of furniture, these playfully shaped ottomans are great for when guests arrive as they can be used for extra seating in a pinch.

  • The best thing about poufs is that they can be quickly and easily moved about the room for versatile seating configurations.
  • Pair a pouf with one of your favourite trays to transform it into a coffee table in a snap.

4. Sheepskins

Whether you opt for real sheepskin or a compelling faux version, these truly could not be more versatile.

  • Try draping them over metal chairs for a luxurious, cozy touch, or laying them out on the floor for a soft feeling every time you walk across.
  • You can also roll them out at the end of the bed for a rich, indulgent accent— the options are limitless.

5. Succulent plants

If you're searching for a fresh, stylish accessory, succulents are the new trending houseplant in modern decor.

  • Whether you experiment with displaying the tiny variety clustered in groups or larger-scale plants standing alone, these easy-to-care-for accessories lend an organic, mood-lifting vibe to your space.
  • It certainly doesn't hurt that they're lovely to look at — some even grow in a geometric scheme that echoes the modern feel of today's living spaces.
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