5 ways to protect your money while travelling

November 6, 2014

Travelling is usually a fun and exciting experience, but it's important to protect your belongings. Here are five tips to help keep your money and credit cards safe on your next trip so you return home with nothing but fond memories.

5 ways to protect your money while travelling

1. Keep your cards and currency in more than one place

If you keep all your foreign currency and credit cards in one place, such as your wallet, you'll lose everything if you fall victim to a pickpocket.

  • Keep a little bit of cash in your wallet, put some in your pocket and stash a little in your shoe.

By spreading it around the likelihood of someone finding all of your hiding spots is low.

  • You'll always have emergency funds available if something should go wrong.

2. Exchange your money before you arrive in a foreign country

Using an ATM could potentially make you a target for would-be thieves who often target tourists who withdraw money at airports and hotels.

  • You can avoid this potential risk by using a currency exchange service before you travel. Moreover, you'll also save money on costly bank and exchange fees that are often applied when you use an ATM machine that isn't operated by your own bank.

3. Invest in a money belt

A money belt can be worn underneath your clothes to stash away cash, credit cards and your passport.

  • Using a money belt is a great, discreet way to keep your money with you at all times.
  • You can also buy clothing that has secret stash spots for money. Pants and belts made for tourists offer secret pockets inside the waistline, while jackets and vests feature additional interior pockets for money, credit cards or other valuables.

4. Purchase a prepaid debit card

Many banks issue debit cards that are designed specifically for foreign travel. These cards may carry zero liability if they are stolen while you are travelling and they're more secure than carrying cash.

  • Since the cards have a prepaid balance, there's no risk of someone clearing out your bank account if the card is stolen.

5. Wear low-key clothing

When you go out in flashy jewellery and expensive clothing, you make yourself a target for thieves and pickpockets. The best way to protect yourself is to wear low-key clothing and try to blend in with the locals.

  • You won't attract a lot of attention and you can enjoy your vacation with greater peace of mind.

The first thing you should be thinking about when you're about to go on a trip is excitement and fun, but don't forget about your safety. With these simple tricks, you'll have far less to worry about knowing you're reducing the risk of having all of your money stolen.

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