Flattering haircuts for women: how to choose one that suits you

November 18, 2013

Haircuts for women are a part of their personalities; having the wrong haircut is like wearing somebody else’s shoes. It just doesn’t feel right.

Flattering haircuts for women: how to choose one that suits you

Haircut basics

Every season, the world’s top models slink down the catwalks wearing designers’ dramatic haircuts. But most of us just can’t pull off that crazy stuff in everyday life.

  • Knowing which women’s haircuts are the most flattering is key in choosing a style that feels comfortable and makes us truly look good.
  • Even though haircuts for women change with fashion, the basic shapes are always the same: short, medium-length or long hair; straight, wavy or curly; layered or one-length; bangs or not.
  • Add in some trendy variations and a good hairdresser, and that’s all you need to feel like a new, improved you.

Comfort and self-confidence

The goal is always comfort and self-confidence.

  • What can you pull it off without feeling like an imposter?

These days, just about any style is permissible for women, so you can work with your hairdresser to achieve the look that best expresses who you are.

The right questions to ask

Before you dive in and follow the footsteps of those super-styled supermodels, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Does this hairdo suit my lifestyle? Will it be practical for my morning rush or will I have to spend precious minutes doing my hair every day?
  2. Do I want a look that’s conventional, classic and suitable for a professional woman? Do I want a sporty cut? Do I want something that suits my artistic personality? Do I want to develop my sensual side?
  3. Does the hair length and texture of the style suit the shape of my face? Will it still look good if I’m wearing my glasses?

Hairstylists are the ideal people to help you through this selection process.

  • They are specially trained to adapt the latest styles to every face shape.
  • They can personalize women’s haircuts seen in magazines so they suit their clients’ needs and physical characteristics.
  • They might even suggest variations, such as extra layering or bangs or leaving some length so hair can be tied back.

A few trends to inspire you

Short hair

One of the latest trends in haircuts for women is toward short hair.

  • Stars with short hair are proof that it’s possible to have a delightfully feminine look with hair cut above the shoulders, or even above the ears.


Curls are also all the rage, so those who prefer to keep their hair long can finally abandon their hair straighteners and turn to hot rollers or a curling iron.

  • Keep in mind that maintaining healthy looking curls is easier with a cut that’s been created by a professional.

Ask a stylist

For those still hesitating, an appointment with a stylist can help you decide which cut will show off your features to advantage and balance your overall appearance.

Some hair salons are even equipped to take a photo of their clients to use with computer software that simulates potential haircuts for women.

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