Flex your buying power: best snow-removal tools for the money

October 15, 2014

From ergonomic and wheel-assisted shovels to gas-powered snow blowers, there’s a snow removal solution on the market to match the physical ability and budget of virtually every homeowner.

Flex your buying power: best snow-removal tools for the money

If you're putting back-breaking effort into shovelling snow from your driveway and sidewalks and wondering if there’s an easier, budget-friendly solution available, the good news is there is! From tried-and-true industry standards to quirky new inventions, here are some snow removal options sure to work for you.

Have time and need exercise? Shovels are for you

Shovelling snow can quickly become tiresome and painful. However, if you’re fit enough to take on the task and have the extra time to spare it can be the most cost-efficient and physically rewarding way to get the job done – provided you have the right shovel for the job.

  • Deep 24-inch plastic shovels are great for shovelling
  • Wide and shallow 30-inch shovels work better for pushing
  • Ergonomic 18-inch shovels with offset handles require less bending over
  • Aluminum scoops, while heavier, are more durable and better at breaking up hard snow and ice

Spend a little more to save time and decrease pain

For homeowners who don’t mind shelling out a little more cash up front to make the workload easier, there are a variety of options:

  • Bidirectional wheeled snow blades push snow quickly with minimal exertion
  • Hand-held electric power shovels offer the snow-throwing ability of blowers for shallow depths and small areas

Spare no expense with these snow-removal options

If cost isn’t a concern, or if you can’t endure the strain of manual labour and the bitter nip of winter’s chill:

  • Electric snow throwers are faster than their power-shovel cousins, and you don’t have to carry them
  • Gas-powered snow blowers range in cost from $250 into the thousands of dollars, but for deep snow and large areas, there isn’t a much better tool to get the job done
  • Hiring a professional snow removal company allows you to enjoy the warm comfort of home while someone else does all the work – just make sure they’re insured!

Of course, you can always hire the kid next door to come clear your sidewalk, but it’s important to remember that you’re likely going to be responsible for injuries suffered in a slip-and-fall.

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