10 popular flowers and the feelings they express

February 6, 2014

Flowers can help you share a variety of messages with friends and loved ones in a classy, elegant manner. Discover what 10 of the most popular varieties mean.

Some people are more comfortable with words than others. Don’t lose faith if sometimes you have trouble finding the right words to express your feelings. Flowers can often help. In addition to their beauty and wonderful scents, flowers are a traditional and articulate way to convey your message.

What feeling would you like to express?

It is a known fact that a red rose denotes true love, and a yellow rose, infidelity. A white rose denotes pure love, and a pink rose is a declaration of love. But what about the other flowers? Here are ten of the most popular that can be found.

  1. Fruit blossoms: hope.
  2. Rose bud: young love.
  3. Poppy: rest.
  4. Hibiscus: fragility.
  5. Flamed iris: burning love.
  6. Jasmine: gentle love.
  7. White lily: purity and gentleness.
  8. Daisy: innocence (do you love me?).
  9. Yellow carnation: expectations.
  10. Peony: shyness.

Get your message across

Although in most cases flowers express love, they're also perfect for conveying a multitude of other messages including: “I am proud of you,” “I am thinking of you,” “I miss you,” “I share in your sorrow,” “I am there for you,” and many more. That is why flowers are gifted to celebrate a birth, an anniversary, convalescence or death, a promotion, a prolonged absence, or simply to make someone happy. Whatever its significance, size, or colour, a bouquet is always current.

Many apologies

At times, flowers can also allow you to express an apology. You totally forgot about your better-half’s birthday? Your child’s music recital? Your wedding anniversary? You mother’s birthday? All of the above? You might just need more than one flower delivery to repair the damage, but if you're riddled with guilt and would like to express your regrets, you can at least begin to say it with flowers. Your intent will be appreciated and may lead to closure.

And what about men?

It’s a common belief that women are always impressed by flowers, but it’s a mistake to believe that any man in your circle of friends wouldn't appreciate such a gift.

When you don’t know how to say it, it’s easy to just say it with flowers.

10 popular flowers and the feelings they express
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