Beautiful flower bouquets for every season

March 13, 2014

Seasonal flowers can bring pleasure into the life of everyone you give them to. Use this quick guide to find the best options for the occasion or time of year.

There was a time when giving flowers was not so simple. Every flower was associated with a specific meaning, such as romance or grief, and it was all too easy to say the wrong thing. Today, a bouquet still conveys a message, but with seasonal flowers the meaning of these messages is much more straightforward. It simply means you appreciate the recipient.

The perfect gift for every season

Spring:Among the seasonal flowers featured in the spring, the tulip remains, without a doubt, the most popular. But don’t forget a few charming daffodils to add the finishing touch to your bouquets of freshly cut spring flowers.

Summer:Both vivid and delicate, summer flowers make wonderful bouquets for any event. Red, pink, yellow, orange, or purple: every flower is synonymous with pleasure and vitality.

Autumn:The warm shades of rudbeckias and sunflowers steal the show. Bouquets feature yellow and orange flowers with a touch of dark mauve here and there.

Winter:While the days are short and grey, flowers of white bring a little light. A white bouquet made up of roses and lilies will blend elegantly with any decor. A winter bouquet is among the most tasteful of gifts.

The right gift for every celebration

Seasonal flowers available make a tasteful gift to highlight special celebrations such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day.

Christmas:Year after year, the poinsettia remains a classic that never goes out of style. For an exceptional gift, an arrangement of red and white roses is always sensational.

Valentine’s Day:The red rose endures as a symbol of deep love. If a single rose is enough to express true love, a dozen symbolizes true passion.

Easter:The lily represents renewal. A majestic Easter lily makes a remarkable gift for family visits and for every home.

Mother’s Day:A pink rose, a pink lily, a white carnation, a peony, or even an orchid—all are a testament of the love and gratitude felt for a mother.

Keeping your cut flowers fresh

You’ll want to keep your seasonal flowers fresh. To do this, cut the stems diagonally under running water and then place them immediately in a vase of lukewarm water, along with the flower food powder the florist attached to the bouquet.

Beautiful flower bouquets for every season
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