For adults only: 7 ways to shake up your entertainment

February 19, 2016

Are you stuck in a rut with friends? Always doing the same old, same old when you get together? Sometimes it’s fun to try something new when you go out as a group, and create special, memorable evenings with friends. Here are a few ideas to get started.

For adults only: 7 ways to shake up your entertainment

1. Book a group cooking class

  • Many cooking schools offer culinary classes, and don’t worry, they aren’t all gourmet, either.
  • Start with a beginner class so no one feels intimidated and everyone can participate.
  • In fact, you can get private group lessons or even book a class in your own home.

2. Get creative

  • Check out the myriad of classes aimed at crafters or creative types.
  • Many craft-supply stores offer demos; specialty shops, such as knitting or fabric stores offer handwork or sewing classes; and art studios and community centres offer painting or pottery lessons.

3. Organize a scavenger hunt

  • They’re not just for kids. Break up everyone into smaller groups and organize a neighbourhood or city-wide scavenger hunt, leaving clues at different locations and giving everyone a list of what thy have to bring back, then announce the winners over dinner.

4. Go sporty

Host your own competition and play round-robin ping-pong or badminton, or head to a field for a friendly game of soccer or even dodgeball.

5. Get out the board games

Games night can be very entertaining – dust off those games that have been gathering dust on your shelves, or pick up a new one that no one has played yet.

6. Sing, sing, sing

Create a memorable souvenir by heading off to a studio and recording a song that you all love, or perhaps one that you’ve written together.

7. Act it out

  • When you announce that charades are on the evening’s agenda, you’ll be greeting by groans, but don’t let this stop you.
  • Everyone secretly loves charades and by the end of the night, they will be rolling on the floor with laughter.
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