4 great Canadian sites for winter camping

Winter camping is not for the timid soul, but if you're adventurous and skilled in the ways of the wild, these four winter hot spots are ready and waiting. Remember that winter camping in Canada – especially the back country option – requires skill, knowledge, and experience. If you're a novice, choose more comfortable accommodation that is less secluded. Winter camping accommodation is available for every skill level to help you get one-on-one with Canada's amazing wilderness.

4 great Canadian sites for winter camping

1. Whistler, British Columbia

  • If it's the anticipation of internationally renowned skiing that keeps you going all summer long, winter camping in Whistler is a must.
  • Located north of Vancouver, Whistler bumps up against some of the best backcountry camping in the area at Garibaldi Provincial Park.
  • In winter, the park is full of opportunities to ski, snowboard and snowshoe. Just don't forget your back country camping permit.
  • Considered one of North America's best mountain resorts, Whistler played host to the 2010 Winter Olympics and draws skiers and snowboarders from around the world each year to its snowy peaks.
  • More than 8,000 feet of ski trails, bustling shops and more make Whistler a number one choice for winter camping.

2. Glacier National Park, Alberta

  • If winter camping is your excuse to get back to nature on her terms, setting up camp in Glacier National Park is about as rustic as it gets.
  • Access to the park is restricted throughout much of winter, but according to Parks Canada, winter back country camping is available in winter unrestricted areas and by permit.
  • Ski tour the amazing peaks and glaciers in near solitude by day, and return to camp each night.
  • Many areas of Glacier National Park are prone to avalanches during the winter months.
  • Don't consider camping here unless you have training and experience in avalanche conditions and the proper equipment for the terrain.

3. Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve, Ontario

  • Haliburton Forest in Ontario offers groomed trails for dog-sledding adventure, snowmobile rentals, canopy tours and more.
  • Winter camping here includes cabin accommodation with televisions and a nearby restaurant.
  • Adventurers spend their nights in base camp, and their days exploring 80,000 acres of scenic wilderness.

4. Bic National Park, Quebec

  • Bic National Park offers a variety of campsites for winter adventures.
  • Go primitive or with electricity and water.
  • You can even book a yurt for the true nomadic experience.
  • Bic National Park offers an abundance of winter sporting opportunities.
  • Go ice-fishing, snowmobiling, or skiing.
  • Dog-sledding is even an option.
  • Get back to nature at one of Bic National Park's unusual yurts or igloos for a true winter camping experience you'll never forget.
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