Four of the world's best mini-golf courses

Mini-golf is a fun recreational activity that people play throughout the world. In fact, in some places people have made mini-golf courses that are architecturally stunning and particularly challenging. If you want to learn more about some of the best mini-golf courses in the world, check out the list below.

Four of the world's best mini-golf courses

Pirate Island Golf

For a larger than life mini-golf experience, check out Pirate Island Golf, located in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Pirate Island Golf has 18 holes like a full-sized golf course. But, in addition to the golf itself, this course is crafted like a theme-park attraction that takes guests through rooms, caves, and ships full of animated pirates and more.

At Pirate Island Golf, expect to play mini-golf on bridges and under waterfalls. It's a particularly unforgettable minigolf experience for any sea-loving golfer.


If you want a prehistoric mini-golf experience, head to Thailand where you can find DinoPark.

This dinosaur-themed mini-golf course will take you back to the Jurassic era. Part of this effect comes from, DinoPark's location — it was built in a jungle covered in wild flora and fauna. So you might just feel like you're lost in the wilderness while you're playing.

Also, the course has a real erupting lava volcano, but don't let that distract you!

Just like Pirate Island Golf, DinoPark is an 18 hole golf course. But DinoPark is more popular for its theme and style than its level of challenge.

Wizard's Golf

One of the world's coolest mini-golf courses is located in Canada — right in the heart of Niagara Falls in Ontario.

This course is called Wizard's Golf, and it is an 18-hole indoor glow in the dark mini-golf course that incorporates a chilling adventure. Players travel through a structure filled with wizards, dragons, trolls and fairies, and it's themed to feel like you're in an authentic medieval castle.

This course is also a convenient option for mini-golf because it's climate controlled, so no matter what the weather, people can come have a magical experience.

Hawaiian Rumble Mini-Golf

Hawaiian Rumble Golf, located in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is considered the most difficult mini-golf course in the world — and it's highly coveted.

In fact, if you're on the waiting list to play at this course you could b waiting for months — so sign up well in advance of your next trip to South Carolina.

And this reputation makes sense, since Hawaiian Rumble Golf is one of the official locations of the Us ProMiniGolf Association, and it comes complete with authentic Hawaiian theming. So when you visit Hawaiian Rumble Golf, expect to find real volcanoes, broken draw bridges, and a tropical beach theme.

Immersive, challenging mini-golf

If you're looking for an immersive or challenging mini-golf experience during your next vacation, then consider one of these famous mini-golf courses. They're not considered among the best in the world for nothing, after all.

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