Four unique Mother's Day presents

October 29, 2015

If you're looking for unique Mother's Day presents, it helps to think about the experience involved and not just the items or their usefulness. Whether it's a weekend getaway, a personalized item, a family calendar or a named star, there are lots of presents that can help you build memories together.

Here are a few ideas for some unique Mother's Day presents.

Four unique Mother's Day presents

1. A weekend away

If you want to create a memorable Mother's Day, go away with your mom on a weekend trip. You don't have to go far. You could travel to a nearby spa or to a tourist attraction near your town.

For a special treat, consider going all out and travelling somewhere you've both been dying to visit.

The important part of this weekend away is that you get out of your house and spend the time solely with your mother. This weekend will be a good time for you to bond, and it should also be enjoyable for both of you.

Spending a weekend with your mom can be a fun way to celebrate Mother's Day and all that she's done for you.

2. Personalized items

There are plenty of stores online that sell all kinds of personalized items. These include jewelry, mugs, wine glasses, teddy bears, and much more.

You can either put your mom's name on one of these items, or you can add a message that will be meaningful to her.

The nice thing about these personalized items is that, along with loving the personalization, every time she uses it, your mom will think of you and your thoughtful gift.

3. A family calendar

If you're looking to do a joint gift with your siblings, a family calendar could be for you.

When you order a family calendar, you usually submit 12 pictures, one for each month of the year. Then, the company you're working with will compile the pictures into a calendar that you can give to your mom on Mother's Day.

As an added bonus, when you give your mother a family calendar, you're giving her a present that will last for a whole year.

4. A named star

Looking for a gift that is out of this world? Try naming a star after your mom. You can even do this online. Once you name the star, you'll get a certificate and a map that shows where her star is in the night sky.

This Mother's Day, try getting your mother one of these unique gifts. Your mom is sure to feel loved and appreciated.

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