Fun advice to snorkel and skip stones like a champ

July 28, 2015

Snorkeling can open up a whole new world of aquatic adventure, and skipping stones is a wonderful way to pass the time on a perfect summer day. Learn the details of both with these simple instructions.

Fun advice to snorkel and skip stones like a champ

Snorkel like an expert

Safe snorkeling means having the right gear. The mask should fit snugly, and the snorkel should be a J-shaped breathing tube with a mouthpiece that sits comfortably between your teeth. Only snorkel if you're a strong swimmer, and never snorkel alone. Here's how to start:

  • Put on the mask and snorkel and check that they fit well.
  • With your head above the water, take a few practice breaths in and out of your snorkel. Get used to only breathing through your mouth rather than your nose.
  • Start swimming and dip your face just below the surface of the water. Continue breathing steadily through the mouthpiece and enjoy the gorgeous world beneath the waves.

It's also possible to dive underwater with a snorkel, but you'll need to clear the tube of water afterwards.

  • Tilt your head far back as you rise to the surface.
  • Exhale as you break the surface and keep on breathing out as you tilt your head forwards. If your mask fills with water, look up, press the top of the mask, and breathe out through your nose until the mask is clear.

Become the stone skipping champion

Skipping stones is a fun pastime, and with a little practice you can become very skilled. Here's how to do it:

  • Start by choosing your stone carefully. Look for an oval one about the size of your palm. It should be flat, thin, and as light as possible. Bear in mind that you'll get more bounces if the surface of the water is calm.
  • Hold the stone in the C-shaped curve of your thumb and forefinger.
  • Stand sideways to the water and crouch low so that when thrown, the stone strikes the water's surface at an angle of no more than 20 degrees.
  • Whip your arm forward as fast and as strongly as you can, spinning the stone clockwise as you release it. Then watch it bounce, bounce, bounce towards the horizon.

Whether you want to experience tropical fish in the ocean or gain even more appreciation for your favourite lake, snorkeling is rewarding and fun. Add in some expert stone skipping skills and you'll be the most exciting summer companion around.

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