Fun ideas for environmentally friendly recycled pallet patio furniture

November 3, 2015

Use environmentally friendly recycled pallet patio furniture to add a charming and unique touch of flair, fun, and comfort to your outdoor space.

Fun ideas for environmentally friendly recycled pallet patio furniture

Pallet furniture ideas

  • Tables - Use the best-looking part of the pallet wood to make the tops of outdoor tables, such as coffee and end tables. Furniture bases are a good place to use the scarred parts of the pallets. Pallets can also be stacked and have seats mounted at the sides for use as picnic tables.
  • Adirondack chairs - To use pallets for Adirondack chairs, tear the pallets apart and choose the strongest wood for the support pieces and seat. Then, put the chair together according to the plan you find most appealing.
  • Benches - Stack two or three smaller pallets, and then fasten them together. Fasten a slightly larger pallet on top, add boards as to fill in any large gaps in the top layer, then add cushions.
  • Lounge chairs - Like an Adirondack chair, take the pallets apart and choose the best pieces of wood before building lounge chairs according to blueprints.

Pallet patio accessory ideas

It takes more than just somewhere to sit to make a patio really enjoyable; some accessories can greatly enhance the outdoor experience. Make matching accessories from the scraps left over from making pallet furniture. Then, just stain them to match the look of the furniture, or leave the wood natural-looking with a coat of clear waterproofing.

  • Planters - Make planters that fit around flower pots with spaces between boards, or position the boards snugly together for use without a flower pot.
  • Birdhouses - The smallest scraps of wood don't have to go in the trash. You can use them to craft a charming little birdhouse. What looks like nothing in your hand might be big enough to be an entire wall for a bird's house.
  • Sandboxes - Sandboxes that match the rest of the outdoor furniture add a charming touch of continuity to the way a back yard looks. If using recycled pallet wood for sandboxes, however, put extra care into cleaning and treating the wood. Be sure to use waterproofing that is safe for play equipment.

Pallet furniture maintenance tips

  • Make sure any wood seating or accessories are properly sanded to avoid splintering.
  • Weather-treat your furniture pieces every year to avoid wood-rot.
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