Fun party activities for St. Patrick's Day

October 13, 2015

St. Patrick's Day, March 17, is a holiday celebrating the Irish saint, as well as Irish heritage, commemorated by parties and parades held around the world. Many big cities host Irish-themed parades and other festivities to mark the day. If you're hosting a St. Patrick's Day party, you'll want to have some party games ready for your guests to play. Here are a few fun party ideas for this St. Patrick's Day.

Fun party activities for St. Patrick's Day

1. Word Games

  • Word games are a great way to celebrate and get into the spirit of the holiday, as the Irish people tend toward wordplay and banter.
  • For example, start with a related word, such as "Blarney Stone," and challenge the person sitting next to you think of another Irish-themed word starting with the last letter of your word, like "Excalibur," a famous sword from Irish mythology.
  • You continue the game until one of the players can't keep it going.

2. Arts & Crafts

  • It can also be fun to get crafty at your party.
  • Set up a table with markers, paints, fabric paint, construction paper and other festive materials and help people design cards, t-shirts, posters, signs or other things they can use to remember your get-together.

3. Limericks

  • Limericks are a charming and silly literary Irish tradition.
  • Encouraging your guests to come up with limericks at a party can be a great way to entertain them.
  • Pass around pads of paper and pens, and explain to your guests what a limerick is and how to write one.
  • People can work solo or in teams, and take turns reading their limericks aloud.
  • You can even have prizes for the best ones.

4. Hot potato

  • If you're hosting a St. Patrick's Day party for kids, they will love a game of hot potato.
  • Have the children sit in a circle.
  • Choose one of them to sit in the middle and play the leprechaun.
  • The leprechaun starts by tossing a potato to one of the players in the circle and then keeps her eyes closed while the other players pass the potato around as quickly as they can.
  • When she is ready, the leprechaun shouts "Shamrock!" and opens her eyes, and whichever player is holding the potato is out of the game.
  • The goal is to toss the potato as quickly as possible so you can stay in the game.
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