Fun tips for playing hangman and yes or no

July 28, 2015

Hangman and Yes or No are two classic games that are easy and fun for the whole family. Here are some simple instructions and tips to get you started.

Fun tips for playing hangman and yes or no

Play hangman

This simple word game is ideal for two to four players and easy for children to learn. You can play it anywhere with only a pencil and paper. Players take turns to be the hangman, who must have a word in mind. His opponents, condemned to hang, hope to earn a reprieve by guessing the word.

  • The hangman marks out the appropriate number of dashes — or instance, – – – – – – – – .
  • The condemned players guess, one at a time, letters that might be in the word. Say the word is GERANIUM and the first suggested letter a vowel, A, the hangman enters it thus: – – – A – – – – .
  • Say the next suggested letter is a C. With this first wrong guess begins the hanging. The gallows are drawn in bit by bit: base, upright, crossbar, diagonal bar, noose. Then, with each subsequent wrong guess, the hangman adds head, body, one arm, one leg, a second arm — and with the second leg the execution is complete.
  • To help younger players, keep a note of wrong guesses and maybe decide on a theme for the game or a minimum or maximum number of letters.

Winning tip: Obscure words and little-used letters can be winners for either hangman or guesser (XEROX would be make or break), but a three-letter word that has two letters in common with lots of others can be a real killer.

Try playing yes or no

Yes or no is an endlessly enjoyable old favourite for all the family to play.

  • One designated person is forbidden to use the words "yes" and "no". Everyone else asks them questions to trick them into saying the banned words.
  • The trick is to get the player talking about something they are interested in — soccer, say — then sneak in a leading question such as, "But Brazil won the 2010 World Cup, didn't they?"

Although these games are simple, they can be a lot of fun at home and a great distraction during long car rides. Give them a shot today!

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