Garden roofing: the growing trend in eco-friendly roofing

September 19, 2014

Save energy and beautify your home or office building with garden roofing. Reduce your operating costs and create your own green space in the city.
Most often found in urban environments, garden roofing is a unique way to reduce the energy consumption of a building. Learn more about what this roofing system is and what benefits it offers to buildings/building owners.

Garden roofing: the growing trend in eco-friendly roofing

What is garden roofing?

Garden roofing is exactly what it sounds like: a garden on a roof! Garden roofs, or green roofs, are rooftops with a vegetative layer grown over them. The garden roofing can take the form of a several inch layer of vegetation, or it can be a complete garden park that includes trees and can be enjoyed by the residents or tenants of a building.

Benefits of a rooftop garden

  • Longer lasting roof – The garden protects the roofing materials from the sun’s rays and other elements which eventually wear it out.
  • Reduced energy costs – Garden roofing absorbs heat and serves as insulation, so the temperature of the building is more stable and less energy is needed to heat and cool the building.
  • Enhanced rainwater/runoff management – A green roof absorbs rainwater and can thus slow runoff, which is particularly important in an urban environment.
  • Reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions – Because a green roof leads to lower energy requirements, less air pollution is caused by the building’s heating and cooling units. In addition, plants remove harmful toxins from the air and replace those pollutants with fresh oxygen.
  • Improved aesthetics and value – Garden roofing can improve both the look and appeal of your building to tenants/residents, as well as potential tenants/buyers.

What type of buildings can have a garden roof?

Garden roofing can be installed on a wide variety of building types, including private residences, commercial office buildings and industrial facilities.

How do I get a garden roof on my building?

Your best first step is to talk to a local garden roofing expert who can come out and inspect your building to see if you are a good candidate for this type of product. If you are, garden roofing can be an appealing way to reduce your carbon footprint and make a strong statement for green living practices in your city.

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