Get a chic manicure with nail stickers

December 10, 2014

You may think they’re just for teens who can’t afford a real manicure, but nail stickers actually offer a broad range of quick solutions for elegant or artistic nails. With a pack of stickers and just a couple of minutes you can have elegant colour, 2-D detail, patterns or even a French manicure. They are easy to apply, and unless you’re going rock climbing, they are durable enough to last a while. Some nail stickers are pre-varnished and UV treated, while others feature patterns printed on thin, supple plastic sheets.

A pattern for every taste

Do you like tiny blue butterflies, or do you prefer leopard spots or psychedelic swirls? You can find nail stickers to match any outfit or occasion. If you want to stay with classic solid colours, you’ll find those too. There’s everything you need to look good and creative.

A fast and efficient solution

If you’d like to add a bit of flavour to your days or evenings without having to stop in for an hour at the manicurist’s, nail stickers are for you. Forget the agonizing drying time of polish and frayed brushes. You can put on your own nail stickers in less time than it takes to shake up your old bottle of Burgundy Velvet. They come in different sizes, so you just have to select the format that best suits your nails, and that’s it.

Protect your stickers

Even with frequent hand washing, showers and dish washing, your nail stickers should last a few days. Some brands can last up to two weeks. Even better, you can protect and make them last longer by applying a coat of clear polish after you stick them on.

Six steps for putting on nail stickers

It’s really easy to use nail stickers. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water. Push back your cuticles with a small wooden stick. Sometimes one is included in the box of stickers.
  2. Choose the correct size nail sticker for each finger. There are usually a few sizes available in the box.
  3. Affix the sticker to the nail.
  4. Press the sticker down with a finger or with the wooden stick.
  5. If the sticker is longer than your natural nail, make little pleats along the top edge and file away the excess until it’s all even.
  6. Add a topcoat of transparent nail polish to protect the stickers.

Here’s a tip: Use tweezers to take the stickers off the sticker sheet.

Personalize your nails

For a detailed or artistic finish, you can also add nail stickers to your already-polished nails. And believe it or not, there is even an app to help you turn your favourite photos into nail stickers. In short, if you want to look glamorous, a little more feminine or even a little bit rock’n’roll, nail stickers can add a whole new mystique to your style. And because they’re so inexpensive and quick to put on, you can change them as often as you want.

Get a chic manicure with nail stickers
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