Get an inside look at the vehicle wrap industry

Find out how vinyl car wraps could be the advertising option that's best for your small business.

Get an inside look at the vehicle wrap industry

What is vinyl wrapping?

In recent years, advancements in vinyl development have led to new types of vinyl that are ideal for wrapping vehicles with advertisements. This medium has quickly become a popular form of advertising for both small and large businesses.

Vinyl wraps have many benefits over painted vehicle advertising, especially because they are so simple to remove and also because they don’t damage the original stock finish of the vehicle. Once a vehicle has been wrapped, it becomes a mobile billboard. This makes wraps very common for street cars, buses, trains, airplanes, transport trucks, delivery trucks, moving vans, company pick up trucks, and even everyday cars.

How is vinyl wrapping applied?

Conformable vinyl wrapping can be used to wrap almost any part of a vehicle, and is now the industry standard, especially for vehicles with more contoured surfaces. There are a number of challenges involved, particularly the application of the adhesive, used to keep the vinyl attached and in place. If the adhesive isn't properly applied, problems can occur after a few month of use. If applied correctly, vinyl wraps can survive for several years. For this reason, it is very import to have a professional apply the material to your vehicle to ensure maximum life span of the wrap.

Where are they most commonly used?

On buses and streetcars, special perforated vinyl wraps are commonly used over windows to maximize advertising space. Perforated sections allow passengers to see out through the graphics, and for safety reasons, the front windshield is always left clear so that the driver’s view isn't obstructed in any way.

Vehicle wraps are also becoming popular for consumers as well. Vinyl prices have decreased in recent years, making it a popular alternative to painting a car. From matte black to metallic gold, vinyl wraps make it easy to change the colour of your car to something new and exciting without causing any damage to the original finish. With thousands of colour and finish options, anyone can add some personality to their car and make it one of a kind.

Looking for a new way to advertise your small business? Or maybe, just to add a pop of colour to your car? A vinyl wrap is great solution. Although it typically costs more than traditional painting, a wrap is non-destructive, making it an excellent way to maintain the value of your vehicle.

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